Identity and development prospects of mountain areas


Objective of the course is to highlight management issues of mountainous areas, emphasizing the built environment and the concepts of tradition and cultural heritage. Mountain areas are addressed as a system, the identity of which we ought to recognize, in terms of protection, promotion, and integrated development. The concept of the ‘Identity of the Mountainous Areas’ is related to the material, natural, and man-made background of the places, as well as,  the intangible heritage and the pursued production of culture by the inhabitants.In that sense, it concerns and refers to the overall, natural-environmental, as well as the man-made material substratum of place, but also to the overall cultural production.  

Learning outcomes
Students get acquainted with the identification and evaluation of multiple physical and structural characteristics that constitute the identity of the place. Exercise in prioritizing the spatial, natural-environmental and cultural qualities and exploring the conditions of their protection, promotion, and development.

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